Spoon Bonnet Pattern in Three Styles
Spoon Bonnet Pattern in Three Styles

Spoon Bonnet Pattern in Three Styles

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A pattern from Past Reflections Reproductions

This pattern was drafted from a bonnet deaccessioned from the Henry Ford. This pattern includes instructions for creating a frame from buckram, millinery wire and netting as well as decorating the frame in three different styles.

Suggested SuppliesOptional Supplies

Fashion Fabric - silk, velvet, light weight cottons. 1 1/2 - 2 yards 45" wide fabric requried.

Bonnet Frame material - 6 yards Millinery wire, florial wrapping wire, 1/2 yard buckram, 1/2 yard crinoline, cotton netting,

Notions - Ribbons for bonnet ties, reed, cord or additional millinery wire for shirring.

Flowers, feathers, beads or other decorating items.

You can speed up the process by purchasing a completed bonnet frame from our In Stock page. Purchasing it will replace purchasing all items for the bonnet frame as well as eliminating steps one through five in the pattern instructions.

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