Schuylkill Arsenal pattern lining shadeA
Schuylkill Arsenal pattern lining shadeA

Schuylkill Arsenal pattern lining shadeA

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$30.00 Per Yard
Schuylkill Arsenal pattern lining A
Part Number: SchuylkillRose
Availability: In Stock.
Fiber Content: 100% wool
Width: 34 inches wide
Quantity Priced by the yard. Available in 1/4 (.25) yard increments. Type the desired amount using decimals into the quantiy box.
Woven in shades of Scarlet red, dusty rose, royal blue, yellow and black this pattern was copied from the lining of an original jacket typical of the Schuylkill Arsenal. The red in this pattern is a bright scarlet red in the warp direction and a dusty rose in the weft/filling direction using two tones of red in this manner is a commonly seen in originals of this period.
We had this pattern run in two shade variations so that lining pieces of different shades could be mixed as seen in some originals.
Woven in Pennsylvania from yarns spun in Pennsylvania

Woven by Pat Kline of Family Heirloom Weavers in Red Lion, PA exclusively for Tartex Textiles this flannel was woven on a shuttle loom and features shuttle woven return selvage edges. If left uncut these selvage edges can be used for finished hems or finished side seams in garments.

A great choice for overcoat linings, coat linings or a flannel shirt.
Please note the narrow width of this fabric (34" wide) before deciding how much you need to purchase.

Available in 1/4 (0.25) yd. increments

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