Pumpkin Bonnet for Cold Weather
Pumpkin Bonnet for Cold Weather

Pumpkin Bonnet for Cold Weather

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A pattern from Past Reflections Reproductions

A great option for the cool weather is the pumpkin bonnet. Even though it is constructed of light weight fabrics you'll be certain not to feel the slightest chill wearing this beautiful accessory.

The whole family can use the contents within this pattern with sizes ranging from infant to adult.

The infant and toddler variations of this pattern are slightly less padded so that the child's head may be protected and warm all year round, yet not overly warm in the summer months.

Sewing Skill Level: Beginner

Suggsted Supplies

- 1 to 1 1/2 yards fashion fabric such as cotton calico, light weight silk or linen

- 1 yard cotton lining fabric

- natural fiber batting with at least 1/2" loft

- 1/4" cording for piping and drawing the bonnet

- 1 yard wide ribbon

- quilting thread to match fashion fabric

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