Logwood on natural yarn dyed Jean Cloth

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$36.00 Per Yard
Part Number: Lgwd nat yrn dyed
Availability: Not currently available
Fiber Content: Wool and cotton
Width: 54" Wide
We are now producing yarn dyed Logwood jean. This means the yarn is dyed in skein form and then unwound from the skein to be woven on the loom. Dying in skein form frequently produces subtle light and dark variations due to the yarns concealed on the inside of the skein receiving less exposure to the dye liqueur than the outside. These imperfections though not first quality in a modern sense, mirror shade variations seen in period garments. Naturally due to being dyed with Logwood the color will fade in a similar manner to our logwood jean and  fades to a tanish color.

Fiber Content: Wool and Cotton.

54 inches wide.  

This fabric has been finished/pre-shrunk.

Made in the USA!

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