Little Rock Frock Coat Fabric
Little Rock Frock Coat Fabric

Little Rock Frock Coat Fabric

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$36.00 Per Yard
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Fiber Content: Wool and cotton
Width: 56" Wide
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This fabric is a reproduction of the 1/3 twill  fabric found in the Little Rock Frock Coat and run for a project put together by the Invincibles Arkansas Confederate  Guard. Though the twill pattern of this fabric is not technically a jean weave many would classify it as jean due to it being a twill weave wool filling (weft) on a cotton warp.  The wool is a blend of navy and white fiber on a taupe cotton warp.

Fiber Content: Wool and Cotton.

Approximately 56" wide.

This fabric has been finished/pre-shrunk.

Produced in the USA!

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