Federal Fabrics Swatch Packet
Federal Fabrics Swatch Packet

Federal Fabrics Swatch Packet

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A swatch/sample packet of all of our current offerings for federal army impressions
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Not sure which of our fabrics will be the best one to choose for your next project? Why not take a look at them up in person?

each fabric swatch will be approximately 2" x 2"

This swatch packet includes our current fabric offerings most suited for federal army impressions including the following swatches

Uniform Cloth

Dark Blue Fatigue Blouse Flannel

MediumDark Blue Fatigue Blouse Flannel

Sky Blue Kersey

Domet Flannel

Schuylkill Arsenal Lining Shade A

Schuylkill Arsenal Lining Shade B

Brown Mix Flannel

Sumac Flannel

Gray Mix Flannel

Gray Mix and Natural Flannel