Dark Blue Uniform Cloth
Dark Blue Uniform Cloth

Dark Blue Uniform Cloth

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$40.00 Per Yard
Part Number: UniformWool
Availability: In Stock.
Fiber Content: 100% wool
Width: 62" wide
Weight: 14 ounces per square yard
Quantity Priced by the yard. Available in 1/4 (.25) yard increments. Type the desired amount using decimals into the quantiy box.
This is a an excellent choice for reproducing federal frock coats, federal jackets as well as any other garment requiring a high quality broadcloth.
The unpublished 1865 Quartermaster's Manual called for 14 ounces per square yard.

This cloth "holds an edge" well.

The back of the cloth is marked with two circular chalk maker's marks every two lineal feet. They read "UNIFORM CLOTH METCALF BROS. & CO." These maker's marks brush out. This is truly fabric made for uniforms, not just dark blue wool made for the fashion trade.

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